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The consultants from Jestac were proactive, helpful and attentive in helping us source for the best flooring for our school. The recommendation for antiviral flooring was excellent! The installers were professional and friendly. The whole Jestac team made the whole experience a very easy and happy one.


I would definitely recommend the antiviral flooring from Lonprotect to other pre-school principals and operators.

Shirleen Yang

Senior Principal, Little Wonders Montessori Childcare

30 September 2020


As first-time parents, we want to create a safe space for our baby to play and sleep in. The Lonprotect antiviral wallpaper from Jestac gives us the assurance of keeping virus and mould away from our baby's nursery! The botanical print is gender neutral and brightens up the room instantly.


We are very impressed and happy with the team from Jestac - they were very responsive and communication was a breeze, and the workmanship was excellent. Thank you Jestac! 

Desmond & Mei Xian


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