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1. What is the technology that makes your solution antiviral?

Both our Lonprotect vinyl floor sheets and wallpaper have a special antiviral resin layer that is able to destroy the envelope of viruses. This inactivates the virus, preventing it from causing infection.


Read more about how it works here.


2. How long can the antiviral effect last?

The antiviral effect of Lonprotect can last for a long time as long as there is no damage to the surface, i.e. permanent scratches, peeling of top layer.


3. Is Lonprotect effective against COVID-19?
Our Lonprotect wallpaper and flooring have been tested in Japan to reduce the viral activity of contagious viruses (e.g. avian coronavirus, H5N3 avian influenza virus) by over 90% within an hour. These viruses belong to the same coronavirus family as the COVID-19 virus, and the Lonprotect antiviral effect that is effective on them may also be effective against coronaviruses with a similar structure. 


4. Are Lonprotect vinyl floor sheets homogeneous (single layer) or heterogeneous (multi-layer)?

Lonprotect vinyl floor sheets are heterogeneous. Typically, each floor sheet consists of a design layer (topmost), a surface layer (middle) treated with a special coating, and a backing layer.


5, Does Lonprotect wallpaper come with vinyl or paper backing?

Lonprotect wallpaper is a paper-backed wall covering. Should removal or replacement be required, it can be easily removed with the paper backing still adhering to the wall surface. The replacement wallpaper can be easily installed on the existing backing without any surface preparation.


6. Do I need to use any special cleaning agent to clean the Lonprotect wallpaper/flooring?

No, you do not need to use any special cleaning agent. Any pH neutral vinyl detergent (ideally pH 7) will be sufficient. Avoid using alkaline detergents, bleach or thinner to clean the surface. For residues which are harder to remove, e.g. machine oil, enamel, you may use ethanol. 


7. Does Lonprotect vinyl flooring require waxing as a form of maintenance?

A special stain-resistant coating is applied uniformly on the Lonprotect flooring surface, hence it is not necessary to do any waxing. In fact, waxing may affect the antiviral properties of the flooring. 

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